Ok just got the email and was able to login.
things that I immediately notice:-

(major) authenticating the login was janky (android):
- I didn't get a notification and opening the app didn't automatically popup the login authentication prompt, I could see that I got a new notification from the dedicated notifications area in the app "confirm whether it's you trying to sign in" but clicking it still didn't open the authentication prompt.
after a couple of retries while the app was open I finally got the popup and was able to login.

(major) "themes" (aka screeners) are not available.

(major) the suggested index watch icons are still not here. (honestly anything would be more useful than the current "cash" tab XD)

(minor) dark theme (for those who really hate light themes you can download "dark reader" from the extensions store till this gets implemented, this is what I'm currently doing and the automatically generated theme is not that bad)

(minor) I can glitch the simulation mode toggle icon so that it's on while I'm still in the "real mode" (can't seem to be able to glitch it the other way around tho). this is minor because a user accidentally triggering this glitch is highly unlikely (but not impossible):
- this is done by switching to the simulation mode and letting it fully load then toggling back to the real mode and while the data is still loading click the toggle once again