This is a post about some of the scuffed stuff I've found on the website.

1 - Mention of the analyst plan(doesn't exist anymore afaik)(first pic)

2 - The "learn" button leads to a 404 page(first vid)

3 - The pricing page uses resolution instead of user agent to determine what type of device is visiting the page??(not sure if this is site wide or just the pricing page)
3.1 - The mobile version of the pricing page is (in my opinion) not formatted properly. (see images marked with "current" and "suggested",
In my opinion the suggested one highlights more of the plan's features and makes it easy to compare with the free one) -side note : isn't level 2 market data already available why is it under "coming soon"?

4 - The title on some pages of the website is not configured so it shows the URL (image of that attached too).

5 - (App)The pin keypad is functionally worst than using the device's native keyboard especially when typing in a OTP since with the current implementation you can't paste.

6 - I found another "glitch" on the website that I'm not sure if I wanna publicly disclose (snice I'm not sure how plan subscriptions are handled on the backend) I'm not sure if I should report this in the app or here so please DM me with clarification (it's probably nothing serious but better safe than sorry)

7. Please bring back shake for feedback.

I just hope that those issues were left unnoticed because the dev team is focused on the upcoming web trading platform.