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Yousef Osama
Asked a question last year

How do you think FWRY'S future will look like after what happens to the world now and E-finance ?

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First of all, let's agree that although FWRY & EFIH are working in the payments industry they are not competing as of today. FWRY focuses on retail payments & EFIH focuses on government payments. Both have a lot of potential to grow. FWRY works in microfinance & consumer finance & tries to expand in Sudanese market. EFIH has plans also to enter retail payments & become even a digital bank. Let's wait & see but as of today both have good opportunity to grow. In my humble opinion, I see EFIH currently overpriced so I'm waiting the price to go down to buy & for FWRY I'm buying when the price is less than 14.5. I'm targeting to have 8-10% of my portfolio for FWRY & EFIH.

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