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Asked a question 2 years ago

Last update thndr added (Thndr favorites) to explore icon so what's the difference between it and (investment factors for month x) Also (Have Faith) were added I have searched in several sites and I found that it doesn't contain all Islamic stocks so (Have Faith) has the best Islamic stocks or all Islamic stocks?!

Where am I?

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Thndr favourites

هي نفسها القائمة الشهرية 


الدقة والأمانة تقتضي انهم يحطوا المعايير بتاعتهم للاختيار خصوصا في قائمة المتوافق مع الشريعة

1. Thndr favorites are our monthly investment picks.

2. There are different methodologies to identify shariaa-compliant stocks, we used a global islamic stocks screener called (Islamicly).

They filter stocks based on three main factors which are
1- Business Activity (exclude alcohol, tobacco, etc.)
2- Financial ratios (for example, exclude companies that have higher Debt-to-equity ratios)
3- Dividend ratio (dividends distributed has to come from permissible activities).

We will publish an article soon explaining these factors in details.