Hi Thndr team,

Thanks for the team that worked hard on this. Look very good so far. Really like the UI, candle sticks chart & dynamic price depth window.

Here are my comments for things I noticed:
- Price depth on a stock's page doesn't change under bids/ask without refreshing the page, can be confusing if submitting an order after spending some time on the page
- Would be nice to have the dynamic price depth window when submitting an order similar to the app, currently inputs in the order sidebar do not get saved
- Price per unit would be better if possible in decimals under best bid/ask and under orders for shares that trade below 2EGP
- When clicking on some stocks that I own it sometimes redirects to a different page e.g. SPMD redirects to SPDR Portfolio S&P 400 Mid Cap ETF, same for ARCC
- Sometimes it took forever to load and crashed a couple of times but understandable for a beta version (I took screenshots if needed, but you should be able to check the logs)

Thank you once again